Wealth Planning Services

Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth while building it, preserving it, and in order to transfer it to the next generation tax-optimised. Wealth planning is a mix of tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning and relates to your total worldwide wealth. All of them requires some financial & business knowledge and skill due to its complexities, varieties, and advance analysis.

Our services cover the area of:

Investment Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolio Management provide services for Smart Financial Planning, Wealth Management and Investment Portfolio Management in consultancy and training related area.

Smart Financial Planning

We provide road map towards financial soundness of individual as well as private company. At the individual level, we conduct training and give consultancy to guide financial planning for the employees, professionals, house-wives, retired people individually and also as a family to achieve their financial goals within certain period of time and given resources. We combine the banking and insurance products such as saving account, certified deposits, unit links, credit cards, and other investments which could bring financial freedom, safety and peace of mind for the future. We could as well support any company which requires such needs.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is an advanced financial planning which is designed especially for those entitled as the High Net Worth Individuals or Families, through a complete and comprehensive financial design that could protect, accumulate and distribute their wealth portfolio. We have a wealth management program with an international standard. Our services consist of conduct training and give consultancy for a typical financial company who engages in such business, and also for selected individuals who want to inquire valuable advices for their wealth interests. Its provide services such as:

Investment Accumulation

The service will cover review on the market and investment latest conditions up to the decision recommendation in order to maximize the return of the combined asset allocation. The topics will includes of the preview on several dominant markets, such as: stocks, forex, property, stock index, commodity, futures, options, etc; also completed with relevant qualified and proven trainings.

Risk Profile Analysis

As risk profile is one determined key in manage wealth, we could support clients who want to sharpen or improve their profile analysis. The result is a safer and sustainable investment strategies and decision.

Retirement Planning

We provide consultancy service for the employee’s retirement planning long enough before the pension time comes into being.

Investment Portfolio Management

To achieve the highest return in investment we have to go beyond the conventional financial products in banking and insurance and understanding the modern financial instruments such as equities, mutual funds, bonds, foreign currencies, commodities, other futures and derivatives products, included the collection exposure. These kind of investments may give spectacular gains but with high risks inherently. Investment Portfolio Management is the method and strategy for yield optimization in the mixed of investment instruments in any stage of economy cycles and conditions. Out from long standing experiences, we could provide training and continuous consultancy programs for your optimum return on investment portfolio.

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