In order to fulfill the arising needs of our clients particularly in the area of Credit, Treasury, Operational Management,

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Vibiz Consulting provides top-of-the-range services in capital raising and project financing, as well as business advisory services encompassing mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial restructuring.
Fully capable of ensuring a smooth execution of the entire process from origination, underwriting, to distribution of both equity and debt securities, IPOs, debt issues, and loan syndication in the market to date.
Vibiz Consulting continues to provide effective support to companies seeking to raise their capital, leveraging on both our financial strength and our vast distribution network.

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Vibiz Learning Center (VBLC) is a unit of Vibiz Consulting engaged in learning and personal development as well as organizations for private, government and general public. We provide training programs presented by experts in their respective fields through ‘active learning’ method for improving individual competencies and organizational performance.

We establish one integrated research center as a part of our consulting services and as sources for our media online partner. Our coverage services for research include daily analysis and recommendation for investment in Stocks (BEI), Forex, Commodity Futures, and Stock Index as well as Options, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Property and many others. We cover full market from local, domestic, regional and global. We provide also intense quality researches and journals in management.

As the demand for quality human capital development in the company tighter, nowadays hard skills are not the only aspect to be considered by companies in their hiring and promoting employees.

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Wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth through building it, preserving it, and transfer it to the next generation, as well as tax-optimization. Wealth planning is a mix of tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning, and business succession planning; all are related to your total worldwide wealth. All of them requires some financial and business knowledge and skill due to its complexities, varieties, and advance analysis.

Also, in order to optimizing your overall assets class, we provide an Investment Portfolio Management services, both in consultancy and training programs. It’s a mix of expertise, skill, and investment update market knowledge that cover the area of Smart Financial Planning, Wealth Management and Dynamic Portfolio Management.

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A unit of Vibiz Group which engaged in property agent who provide consulting and marketing services which has an orientation to a luxurious and exclusive property. We recommend property with premium quality as well as being an investment that can provide high yield.

Lepmida is independent consultant focusing in institutional and human resource development, investment strategies, investors mediation, community development, regional promotion, as well as regional research. Our commitment is to work based on the standards of professionalism and integrity, and also holding code of ethics of professional consultants.