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Lie Ricky Ferlianto SE. Ak

Lie Ricky Ferlianto SE. Ak

Head Vibiz Research Center

Lie Ricky Ferlianto is an investment and financial consultant, active columnist in electronic and paper media and known as a best seller book writer. He was experience in futures business for 13 years in Futures Brokerage Firm and 3 years in Futures Exchange. Currently he is Head Vibiz Research Center of Vibiz Consulting. Graduated from Economic Faculty of University of Indonesia in 1985, he had become a Management Consultant and Auditor from an Audit Firm HTM (affiliate of Deloitte) for 5 years.
Based of his experience he is trusted to be a Manager from a variety of national and multinational companies, including PT. Coca Cola Indonesia, PT. Central Asia Raya and PT. Alltrak ’78. Since 1995, he had pursued his carreer in financial company. He worked in Lippo Bank for 1 year and Danamon Bank for 5 years with the last position as Assitant Vice President. In 2000, he shifted his carreer from banking industry to futures industry. For 13 years in the futures industry, his last position in one of the futures company was Marketing Director. For the purpose of completing his career in futures industry, in 2013 he joined Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) as Research & Business Development Division Head until 2016.
Currently he is a Head Vibiz Research Center of Vibiz Consulting and also become Head of Indonesia Investment Institute.
He is frequently invited as main speaker in seminar initiated by mass-media as newspaper, radio and television, in investment, marketing & sales, and entrepreneurship topics. He is also author of many books, one of them is a best selling one: “Forex Online Trading – An Easy Way In Making Money From Home”.