Vibiz Group

Bernhard Sumbayak

Bernhard Sumbayak

Advisor of Vibiz Consulting

Bernhard Sumbayak previously was the President Commissioner of a well known Indonesian futures company, a founder shareholder of Jakarta Futures Exchange. He founded Vibiz Group in 2004, and currently this group have some business units in consulting, research, training, media online and resort hotels.

As in the beginning, in 2004 Vibiz Group started with its various sales training modules for sales people, the first program in Vibiz Consulting.

While in 2007 he founded, the first news web in Vibiz Media Network, followed by other webs such as, and in the following years.

Later on, Bernhard developed a business unit engaged in property agent, consultancy and marketing services, especially for luxurious and exclusive segment, namely Vibiz Exclusive Property Services (VEPS). Related to regional investment business, he developed a unit called Lembaga Pengembangan Management dan Investasi Daerah (LEPMIDA), or Institute for Regional Management and Investment Development.

Bernhard is currently acting as Founder and CEO of Vibiz Group. He is also the Advisor of Vibiz Consulting that consists of Vibiz Consulting, Vibiz Learning Center, Vibiz Research, VEPS and LEPMIDA.

Vibiz Learning Center (VbLC) managing all training programs as scheduled periodically as well in house training tailored to the client needs. VbLC also functioned as a module development center. In 2009, he founded Indonesia Investment Institute (III), a module development center that provides smart strategic education for investment assets, which are: forex, securities, commodity, property, as well as Investment Portfolio Management. In the area of soft skill management, he also developed with his Soft Skill Modules Development team several sophisticated training programs, such as, Followership and Leadership (F/L) model, Improving Productivity by Boosting Your Brain (IPBB), and Developing Business Acumen, etc. For outdoor activities he also set up Vibiz Outbound unit.

Bernhard was graduated from University of Indonesia – Faculty of Economics (FEUI) and for a short time he has ever joined Faculty of Psychology in the same university. Subsequently, he’s working in two management consultant companies and some other private owned businesses in the mid of 1980’s up to the beginning of 1990’s.

Afterwards, he occupied in a national trading and manufacturing of heavy equipment company for 5 years, supervising several functions, such as HR Development, Legal Affairs, GA Affairs, Training Center Development, as well as Marketing Promotion Product and Corporate Communications. In this company he directed report to the CEO.

Bernhard then joined with a big national private bank for the next 10 years, adding experiences in various area, such as Corporate Culture Development Project, Various HR Policies Development, Organizational Effectiveness Review Project, Reengineering Project in areas of Operations, Services and Credit Process, and also involved in Service Developments Project, New Branch Design Development Project, Branch Streamlining Project, Call Center Project, and various assignments in Consumer Banking Division with the last position as Vice President.

In addition, during 2003-2005 he was positioned as one of the Indonesia Call Center Association (ICCA) Chairman Board.