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Vibiz Consulting IT Experts can make your dream of having an efficient and low cost industries come true. Vibiz Consulting has experts in all kinds of IT field, like Network, Multimedia, Software Engineering, Database Systems, Web Development, Decision Making Software, Software Development, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Solutions, Efficient Computing, and IT Behaviors.

Our services cover the area of:

IT Solutions

IT Solutions can be very various, from the simple deployment of barcode and scanner at a local supermarket to the deployment of massive server racks and databases in major oil companies. Through IT Solutions, all aspects in your industries will be improved. ICT Solutions can help to reduce bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your industry, and also will help you identify your workflow better. Through IT based solutions, Vibiz Consulting can help you analyze your own company, to identify inefficiencies and discrepancies in your company. After identifying the problem, Vibiz Consulting can help you to devise a working IT Solution for your problems, with the budget that can be specified. IT Solutions is a very economic solution, where the cost of the solution itself can be adjusted to your needs and conditions.

Decision-Making Solutions

Decision are very important in all manners of business. As company expands, or the scope of the project increases, more data and variables will need to be analyzed. While humans are good are interpreting data, the sheer number of data in modern environment will make manual interpretation and analysis a waste of time, money, and resources. IT solutions can be made to analyze your data, and cut the time needed to address a specific problem, and quicken a resolution or responsive to particular subjects. An integrated IT decision making solution will be integrated to your company’s system, enabling a better flow of report and data, while at the same time allows a decision support system to be mounted up.

Low – Latency Solution

Low-latency solution is an IT solution engineered for massive and rapid data transactions, such as stock exchanges, forex brokers, and banking institutions. The low-latency solution could also be used for high intensity IT workload, such as aviation, shipping, ticketing, and many other ventures. Even smaller, the low-latency solution can be adapted also to increase the speed of any servers, whether the server is hosting database or hosting an application. In essence, low-latency IT solution is a comprehensive solution to provide better and quicker IT infrastructure. Low-latency solution ranges from simple re-coding of the server, to the installation of high-speed routers and devices.

Security Solution

As the threats to IT infrastructure grow, business owners must take step to secure their own IT infrastructure. From the publicly-known virus exploits, to the vaunted zero-day attack, to the famous social engineering, a comprehensive IT security is needed by all companies, whether big or small. A lapse in IT security could make you lose your data, let your company secrets be stolen, or even a loss in money. IT security solutions are very scalable, meaning that you can increase or decrease it according to your budget, and the scale of protection you want. First and foremost, Vibiz Consulting will always do a test on your security systems, to provide you with the best, but the most cost-effective solution.

Server Management

Vibiz Consulting also provide you with dedicated server management, which includes a security management and advanced server management. We will assist you in building your server infrastructure, which are scalable to your needs and budgets.