Marketing & Soft Skill Development

As the demand for quality human capital development in the company tighter, nowadays hard skills are not the only aspect to be considered by companies in their hiring and promoting employees.

Various studies have shown significant evidence of the importance of soft skills in supporting the performance, so the candidates must meet both the requirements of hard skills and soft skills in equally manner. Once recruited and placed, the employee overall performance will be evaluated for the purpose of assignment, promotion, salary increase, bonuses, etc. based on their target achievement and ability of their soft skills.
Therefore, in addition to mastering the technical stuff, the ability to communicate with other people, selling ideas, managing time, solving problems, making decisions effectively and creating a conducive working environment are important as well as the technical skills.

Realizing this importance, we are here to assist individuals or companies in improving their soft skills ability, by equipping each individual personnel with the important things which are non-technical.

Our services cover the area of:

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing skills are definitely required both by the employee who served as a sales or marketing personnel as well as any work-related employee of the sales and marketing. Why? Because marketing is the backbone of a company. Facts that Successful companies are companies which perform good marketing, and further fact: nearly all the leaders of successful companies have a background as a sales person.

We would like to share that successful experience to you, both individual or teams with the right paradigm of sales, effective selling steps, and how to build a sales culture that is compulsory required by companies who want to be exceptionally distinguished in the fierce competition.

Service & CRM

One of the company’s strength in attracting and retaining customers is having an unforgettable pleasant service that experienced by the customer. The more special and extra ordinary service provided the more opportunities to become loyal customers.
Based on the rich experience of building a service culture in several large companies that we have, we want to share the successful experiences with you in terms of:
– Increase awareness of how important service excellence in contributing company success especially in the area of corporate image.
– To measure the effectiveness of services that have been conducted, including customer satisfaction surveys
– Building a service excellence culture in the company to support the company ahead of the competition

People Effectiveness

Soft skills are one of the important factors contributing to the success of an organization, in building the individual to have required competence and skill. For sure company can be more successful and sustain if they have trained staffs having these skills.

We want to help those who need skills such communication skills, conflict resolution and negotiation, increasing personal effectiveness, creative problem solving and decision making, team building, influencing skills and selling skills of others.


To combine the method of indoor and outdoor activities that are packed by the principle: adult learning and experiential learning (having their own process of learning that involves auditory, visual, and kinesthetic through games).

Through outdoor activities and simulations, participants will also be able to develop your own potential, both individually (personal development), as well as in teamwork (team development) through interaction one with another.

Our outbound programs are ready to provide you with a variety of good programs that are just fun, and rich variety themes such as: leadership, teamwork, uniting a variety of differences, and various other themes. We provide a subset choice of natural location to suit your needs and also english spoken facilitator.

Brand Management Consultancy

  1. Planning:

Set up brand plan: vision, mission, objectives, key-issues, strategies, tactics, scheduling and budgeting.

  1. Positioning:

Marketing communication activities which include: logo, creative idea, social media, media mix, influencer and earned media.

  1. Value Proposition:

Target segments, consumer research, brand funnel, tracking results, brand review and insights.

  1. Product Roadmap:

R& D activities such as new products, development research, claims, formats, blue ocean and portfolio management.

  1. Cultural Beacons:

All about people: cultural values, talent management, inspiration and motivation.

  1. Business Results:

Profitability forecasting: Sales, Cost, and Return on Investment

  1. Go to market

Sales activities which include: distribution, selling messages, in-store experiences, promotion, pricing and key accounts.