Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management

At the core of all great organizations lies the underlying facts that it is people who actually driving organization’s purpose and its success. The people – both for leader and follower – works together constructively, through good and bad condition, difficulty, competition, combines with comprehensive pressures and the constant need to adapt and change. Inevitably, the demands of strong leadership at every level of organization, and its followership alignment are essential to achieve its strategic implementation, effectiveness and sustainable success. We provide clients rich exposure to a spectrum of leadership and followership framework at every level of organizations, and facilitate experience and proven consulting services concerning their approach to building leadership development and creating bench strength for organisational success.

Beside leadership, it is always a question embark by each organization: how to keep the competitive advantage and stays at the peak performance while in the world there is nothing stays the same for more than a moment? A question that has to be answered and understood by every level of organization in relation with its strategic decision, both for corporate and functional classification. Herewith we provide worth experience in doing cooperation with companies hand in hand to handle circumstances through all conditions and shaping its new corporate culture. We believe it will give help to the clients in preparing, creating and implementing strategic, cultivating essential behavior and shared system to ensure company achievement in the future as well as for near period objectives.

And to expand the company, having entrepreneurial spirit is a must. Therefore we also provide trainings to open wide the entrepreneurial spirit within the company.

Our services cover the area of:

Leadership & Followership Series Training

Through research that we have conducted from many organization, it was found that there are 3 things that impacting followership and leadership, which are character, habit and capability. In all of those 3 attributes, we have sharpened character, habit and capability which required to be owned by leader or follower. Selective from many aspects, we have summarize and choose 8 important aspects from each attributes required by someone, as leader or follower. Leadership and followership is like a 2 side of a coin, cannot be separated, one strengthens the other, giving meaning to other. Follower one day will be a leader and a leader himself, in many aspects will not be a good leader if he is not is a good follower. You will find the answer on these serial trainings:
• 8 Leadership Character Training
• 8 Leadership Habit Training
• 8 Leadership Capabilities Training
• 8 Followership Character Training
• 8 Followership Habit Training
• 8 Followership Capabilities Training

Other Services
• Customized Leadership eg: Leadership for Sales Supervisor, Leadership for Telemarketing Supervisor etc
• Leadership Academy: Basic Leadership, Intermediate Leadership & Advanced Leadership
• Building Sustainable Bench Strength Program and Training
• Developing Corporate Characters & Attitudes Identity
• Team Building


At this modern era everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Having entrepreneurial spirit is a good start. But what about the tips to become a successful entrepreneur? Even in this modern time, entrepreneurship is developed in many companies and it’s named intrapreneurship. We provide training and guidance both for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as well as consulting services for the steps to start a business.
• Intrapreneurship Training
• Entrepreneurship Training
• Small Business Consulting

Strategic Management

Our consultancy cover the strategies for companies to decide the organization’s mission, vision and goals, regulations and planning of development, that are set up to reach the main goal, and then allocated the manpower to do all the regulations, plans, projects and programs, done by the managerial level .
In the field of applied management this strategy will cover how to build organization’s design, changing and developing the organization’s strategy in line with the changing environment: external and internal, to achieve better result in the future.
We will help you set up your

– Strategy Development
– Strategy Implementation

Tools and Techniques of the Design Viewpoint which are used in implementing the strategies:
• The Goals of organization
• Analysis of Situation and Industry
• Change Management Program
• Change Management Leadership Challenge Program
• Vision, Mission, Values Project Development
• Corporate Culture Project Development
• Strategic Brand Management
• Building Business Acumen