Infrastructure and Regional Development

Industrial and urban growth in Indonesia has led to unprecedented investment plans in infrastructure. This is creating opportunities for infrastructure operators, engineering and construction companies, private materials, and financial firms.

We provide services in every phase of infrastructure development, from planning, development, bidding, design & construction, operations, divesting.

Our services cover the area of:


Your focus is placed on the important things. You want to ensure your resources (time, talent, and money) are properly allocated to assets or projects within your portfolio that will generate the best value-for-money in this changing market and business environment. The strategic planning process works best when it focuses on the elements of the future about which there is the greatest uncertainty.

By focusing your planning on such areas of uncertainty, you gain a more plausible set of potential alternative futures. With this insight, you are better prepared to make business decisions to meet your present and future challenges and opportunities.


In the development phase, project planning is the tool used to drive value and preserve capital through a capital project’s procurement, design and construction stages.

By developing a clear understanding of the risks, which could impact your organization, you are better able to manage and mitigate these risks now and in the future. In turn, the benefits accrued by avoiding unnecessary cost and schedule impacts can be returned to your organization, your stakeholders, and your projects.


Comprehensive bidding strategy development and planning accomplished early in the project life cycle helps establish greater project discipline by demanding systematic documentation of business needs, schedules, and costs while providing sufficient lead time and resources in the selection of appropriate bidding types and development of innovative contracting methods.

By establishing an open, well-defined process you will benefit from speedier negotiations and contract execution as well as reduced miscommunication and disputes during the evaluation and execution.

Design and Construction

During the design and construction phase of a project, the science and art of project management provides a proven methodology for accurately and efficiently completing complex projects.

Due diligence and analysis can play a critical role in validating and adjusting the original assumptions of scope, risk, cost and approach in the business case. As a result, you will be better prepared to budget for and allocate resources where they are needed.


During the operating life of the asset, through every business cycle’s highs and lows, management is responsible for containing risks, ensuring optimal performance and delivering ROI. Given these considerations, there should be a strategic focus on managing assets from their inception, rather than trying to “catch up” later when costly missteps may be uncorrectable.


Divesting assets requires capital markets guidance and fair value guidance to help you realize optimal return on assets for greater reinvestment potential