Buy Side and Sell Side Advisories

We work with both, buy-side and sell-side mandates (including M&A transactions), taking responsibility of the process of finding suitable targets and advising on the transaction for our client through its execution. Our services are not limited to companies in specific industries.
We provide to our clients full scale corporate finance services – starting with feasibility studies, document preparation, structuring deals, holding negotiations, carrying out due diligence and executing the deals. Company sell-side and buy-side advisory services normally involve the following steps, managed by vibiz:

  1. Analysis. We start by identifying the market potential and those aspects of the company that make it successful. This is what buyers need to understand in order to offer the best price.
    2. Selection of potential targets is made on the basis of the buyer’s or the seller’s strategy, and after analysis of their likely interest in the transaction.
    3. Preparation of materials. The necessary information materials (including teasers, presentations, information memorandums, valuation calculations) are tailored to our client’s specific profile, highlighting the company’s present achievements and future possibilities.
    4. Contacting potential investors. Each of the selected potential buyers from the Analysis is contacted individually by way of telephone or meeting to assess their level of potential interest in particular economic sector. Vibiz avoids mailings in favor of direct contact with decision makers at our targeted list of potential acquirers (buyers). We sometimes utilize our network of M&A advisory contacts in other markets to help us approach potentially interested parties in other markets.
    5. Negotiations. Once a selected group of potential candidates is identified, Vibiz determines, together with the client, which candidates offer the best price and conditions with the requirements of our client company. We also advise on the transaction process and structure between the parties involved (including a Term Sheet, due diligence, Sales-Purchase Agreement, closing). Vibiz also helps a client coordinate due diligence, data room organization and could arrange the financing, if needed.
    6. Closing of a transaction. After a Term Sheet and Sale-Purchase Agreement, prepared by professional legal advisors, are signed, Vibiz assists in completing the transaction successfully in a rapid and efficient manner. This is one reason why Vibiz has enjoyed repeat business from its clients.