Endah Caratri

Endah Caratri

Coordinating Partner of Business Advisory Services


Endah Caratri now is Coordinating Partner of Business Advisory Services of Vibiz Consulting. She is registered accountant from Economics Faculty of University of Indonesia (FEUI). She has experience in managing and handling various consultancy business including training programs for finance and accounting, taxation, feasibility studies, property valuation, market research, investment financing etc. Also make a feasibility study on various project related with the property and real estate development, such as in residential, housing, apartments, condominiums, high rise buildings, and other infrastructure projects.

Until now she is also an Executive Editor in and senior team in Vibiz Management Research Center. She wrote hundreds of Journals and Columns of financial, taxation, property, business and management. And also has written several research management.

Also has experience as Chief Financial Officer of a leading futures brokerage in Jakarta for the past ten years, which many involved in the financial sector, to coordinate and assist all departments and branches within the company to prepare the annual budget, preparation of daily cash flow projections, annual and quarterly basis. Also do the reporting, control, monitor and analyze the performance of each department and branch. She has experience as external auditor for six years from two of the leading CPA firm, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, has audited various types of financial firms such as insurance companies, pension funds, securities firms, as well as service companies, manufacturing, and property, as a consultant who handles the company’s financial accounting system.

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