Communication & Social Media

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  • Media Goals. This service describes the goals of the communication in the era of technology and explains how this plan can achieve the goals.
    • Audience. In this service, we collect all the information about target audience and communities
    • Strategy. We help our clients in communication and develop statement of strategy using the technology to win the tight business competition.
    • Technology. We use the technology in social media to develop the business strategy and achieve the target of the company.

Our services cover the area of:

News Services

Providing news economic news, business, investment, culture, management, regional investment, global news, etc.

Economic and Business Data Services

Providing economic data and business analysis, also presenting Vibiz Regional Investment Index (VRII) as a guidance to invest in regional area of Indonesia.

Market Recommendation & Outlook

Provide investment recommendations to the investors

News Feeding

By white labeling present news feeds for investors or trading platform

Special Programme

Provide special program for marketing campaign purposes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Provide the system to promote your business worldwide

Online Store Services

Provide the online store with the application to support the customers’ business

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