Vibiz Group

Bernhard Sumbayak

Bernhard Sumbayak

Founder and Chairman Vibiz Group

Bernhard Sumbayak previously was the President Commissioner of a well known Indonesian futures company, a founder shareholder of Jakarta Futures Exchange. He founded Vibiz Group in 2004, and currently this group have some business units in consulting, research, training, media online and resort hotels.

As in the beginning, in 2004 Vibiz Group started with its various sales training modules for sales people, the first program in Vibiz Consulting Group.

While in 2007 he founded, the first news web in Vibiz Media Network, followed by other webs such as, and in the following years.

Later on, Bernhard developed a business unit engaged in property agent, consultancy and marketing services, especially for luxurious and exclusive segment, namely Vibiz Exclusive Property Services (VEPS). Related to regional investment business, he developed a unit called Lembaga Pengembangan Management dan Investasi Daerah (LEPMIDA), or Institute for Regional Management and Investment Development.

Bernhard is currently acting as the Advisor of Vibiz Consulting Group that consists of Vibiz Consulting, Vibiz Learning Center and Vibiz Research.

Vibiz Learning Center (VbLC) managing all training programs as scheduled periodically as well in house training tailored to the client needs. VbLC also functioned as a module development center. In 2009, he founded Indonesia Investment Institute (III), a module development center that provides smart strategic education for investment assets, which are: forex, securities, commodity, property, as well as Investment Portfolio Management. In the area of soft skill management, he also developed with his Soft Skill Modules Development team several sophisticated training programs, such as, Followership and Leadership (F/L) model, Improving Productivity by Boosting Your Brain (IPBB), and Developing Business Acumen, etc. For outdoor activities he also set up Vibiz Outbound unit.

Bernhard was graduated from University of Indonesia – Faculty of Economics (FEUI) and for a short time he has ever joined Faculty of Psychology in the same university. Subsequently, he’s working in two management consultant companies and some other private owned businesses in the mid of 1980’s up to the beginning of 1990’s.

Afterwards, he occupied in a national trading and manufacturing of heavy equipment company for 5 years, supervising several functions, such as HR Development, Legal Affairs, GA Affairs, Training Center Development, as well as Marketing Promotion Product and Corporate Communications. In this company he directed report to the CEO.

Bernhard then joined with a big national private bank for the next 10 years, adding experiences in various area, such as Corporate Culture Development Project, Various HR Policies Development, Organizational Effectiveness Review Project, Reengineering Project in areas of Operations, Services and Credit Process, and also involved in Service Developments Project, New Branch Design Development Project, Branch Streamlining Project, Call Center Project, and various assignments in Consumer Banking Division with the last position as Vice President.

In addition, during 2003-2005 he was positioned as one of the Indonesia Call Center Association (ICCA) Chairman Board.

Kristanto Nugroho

Kristanto Nugroho

CEO Vibiz Group

Nowadays serves as CEO of Vibiz Group, he monitoring of all business activities that take place in Vibiz Group. Currently, he is also the advisor of Vibiz Consulting Group and managing Director at PT. Vibiz Capital.

Graduated from Economics Faculty of University of Indonesia (FEUI) and began his career in banking at the Branch Banking to engage in develop banking delivery, after that he build his career in bank credit activity. With his experience in the field of bank credit then he turned his professional career in 1996 in the capital markets as Corporate Finance, particularly in the areas of fixed income securities. He also developed a career as a director in the multi-finance companies that doing a leasing business, factoring and fund raising activities for projects that require funding from local or overseas bank.

In the field of financial business experience as well as a Director of the Auctions Company until 2006 and was also CEO of Commodity Futures Brokerage Company until 2011, in the field of commodity futures trading is resumed his career as Commissioner of the Jakarta Futures Exchange.

While its business outside the financial business, experience in handling IT Business, trading companies, property companies, some of the company are already listed on the Capital Market.  Current activities outside the financial sector now he become Managing Director and Editor Vibiz Media Network.

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Daniel Sumbayak, BSC, MM, PhD(c)

Daniel Sumbayak, BSC, MM, PhD(c)


Daniel Sumbayak began his career as a web programmer on an IT company. He later expands his knowledge in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and act as a trainer and as a junior consultant for Internet Marketing and SEO. He is also one of the co-founder of Batikweb, one of the pioneer internet marketing platform in Indonesia.
Graduated from Universitas Bina Nusantara, majoring from Information Technology, Daniel is well-versed in all aspects of the ever-changing information technology world. Furthermore, he also has finished his Master of Management program, from Bina Nusantara Business School. Daniel is now well on his way for a doctorate program, in General Management.
In his 5 years of experience in information technology, Daniel has excellent knowledge on information technology’s application in banking, financial institution, large companies, and also manufacturing companies, especially on low-latency communication, application and network security middleware messaging system, database management and planning, high-frequency computation, data mining, and search engine optimization.
His intimate knowledge on financial institutions and information technology also carries him to be the Head of Vibiz Research Center, a prestigious research center that supports the Vibiz Media Group. Daniel is now acting as Director of Vibiz Group and CEO Vibiz Consulting Group which primarily engages to provide information technology solutions for financial institutions and private institutions.

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Alfred Pakasi, MFP, CFP, CWM

Alfred Pakasi, MFP, CFP, CWM

Managing Partner of Vibiz Consulting Group

Alfred Pakasi is an investment and financial consultant, active columnist in electronic and paper media, and known as a dynamic training facilitator. He was a banker in career for 16 years in several national private banks, specialized in credit marketing, risk management, research and business planning.

Graduated from Economics Faculty of University of Indonesia (FEUI), he has also engaged as a Chief Research and Economist in a financial institution for 3 years. He’s been known as a competent trainer in quite many fields, such as: banking credit and risk management, property business, investment strategy (in forex, stocks, commodities, property), leadership, as well as sales for about 20 years time. He is actively nowadays consulting banks for their business development and some BUMN (SOC’s) for their asset optimization purposes. This holder of three international professional degrees, i.e.: MFP, CFP, and CWMTM, has written four books on investment topics, and more will come.

He appears quite frequently in TV show and radio talk show highlighting business and investment market dynamics in MNC Business, O Channel, Pas FM, Smart FM, etc. He writes actively in several business media –paper and online- as well as the resource expert in those media. Nowadays he serves as Managing Partner of Vibiz Consulting Group. He is also the Managing Director of –the best investment web in the country. Alfred is also co founder and CEO of  Investment Indonesian Institute, academic who studies all types of investment both financial and non financial in full (comprehensive) and integrated. In association, among others, Alfred is the member of Financial Planner Association Indonesia (FPAI) and active executive of IRPA (Indonesia Risk Professional Association).

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