Oil & Gas

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Oil and gas companies — whether they’re upstream, downstream, E&P or oilfield services — are benefiting from a positive environment unlike any in recent history.
Global demand is rising, commodity prices are at historic highs, and interest rates are at record lows. But oil and gas companies should also be looking ahead to the future. Those that know how to make the most of today’s prosperity can extend its impact for decades to come.

The oil and gas supply chain is flowing with tax planning opportunities — are you making the most of them? Is it time to commit to an IT investment that will fully automate processes, streamline operations and improve the integrity of your financial reports? Have you measured your exploration and production plans against a robust risk management model?

Our services for the Oil & Gas sector include:
•Mergers and acquisitions planning and integration
•Energy trading and risk management
•Operations and technology consulting
•Business process standardization and optimization
•Capital program management
•Corporate finance
•Financial management
•Business insurance consulting
•Comprehensive tax planning

Power & Utilities

At Vibiz Consulting, we have a unique understanding of the management of infrastructure assets, and of the regulatory developments that affect utilities and private power and delivery companies in each region of the country. We have helped clients define their growth strategies, improve the performance of their operations, and achieve economies of scale through amalgamation or shared services. Our advisory services cover topics ranging from corporate strategy to emissions credit trading, and tax analysis, planning and compliance.

Oil Block Exploration Arrangement

According to major sources of oil & gas at Indonesia, Vibiz also help the company to operate new block, through partnership with government.
Our srevices related with PSC Block, TAC Block onshore, offshore & deep water exploration. Vibiz believes vast resources continue to attract major investments while state working with firms to adjust with new legislation. Competitive sector means a wide range of possibilities and domestic demand expected to increase in years ahead.

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