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Vibiz Consulting provides top-of-the-range services in capital raising and project financing, as well as business advisory services encompassing mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial restructuring.
Fully capable of ensuring a smooth execution of the entire process from origination, underwriting, to distribution of both equity and debt securities, IPOs, debt issues, and loan syndication in the market to date.
Vibiz Consulting continues to provide effective support to companies seeking to raise their capital, leveraging on both our financial strength and our vast distribution network.

Our services cover the area of:

Financial Advisor

We could provide road map towards financial soundness of the company. We also often asked to act as financial advisor by public and non-public companies in relation to choosing the most suitable means of transactions that meets the clients’ profile and needs.

Economic and Industry Analysis

The service is to provide comprehensive review and outlook of the economy: local, regional and global; and particular industry as required by the clients. The analysis could give full support for the company in making its business strategy and budget.

Appraisal and Valuation

We also provide appraisal service on the company value as a whole. A customized design can be attached if the company plans to have building blocks in achieving its strategic milestone, such as: IPO, bond issuance, syndication arrangement, etc.

Financial Risk Analysis

In here, we focus in services of highlighting some risks potential in the financial area of the company, completed with the mitigations and design plan to reach the financial health status sustainably.

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