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Vibiz Consulting is a complete partner for your business. Whatever your business needs, we are always ready to support your business in fulfilling the vision and mission of the company. Whether you are a sole-trader who dreams in expanding your investment portfolios, or a big corporation who pursues an exponential growth, … we are here to be your partner in achieving these goals.

Along with the rapid growing of economy and business in Indonesia, there are huge business opportunities. Vibiz Consulting is the right partner for you, wherever your business are right now. We provide services from financial sector to management skill development up to the IT analysis and applications. We will stand hand in hand with you in all aspects of business development. We have combined the competencies and skills required with large network of expertise. A full set of services are provided only for your business dreams come true!

In order to fulfill the arising needs of our clients particularly in the area of Credit, Treasury, Operational Management, Risk Management, Consumer and Retail Banking, as well as Strategic Management in banking or finance and related companies, we provide comprehensively education and consultancy services, among others, as follows:
Our services cover the area of:

Credit Management System
An end to end approach to develop or improve the bank’s credit quality, in terms of the system, procedure, technicalities and competencies. The full coverage process is available to enhance the quality of the loan portfolio, which is from the loan origination process up to the qualified collection methodologies. The approaches can be applied differently to commercial banking, consumer banking or micro banking segments.

Financial and Credit Analysis
Financial and Credit Analysis is the core skill required for every credit and marketing officer at all levels in order to produce qualified and sound credit portfolio. We provide comprehensive and end to end learning structured credit analysis for each segment: from corporate, wholesale, commercial, consumer banking up to the SME and micro banking. The content completely covers materials from accounting for lending, lending rationale up to the qualitative analytical; from minimum data for loan proforma up to the financial projection analysis and proper loan structuring as well as the qualified loan proposal. Sound, profitable and fostering growth credit exposures are the ultimate objectives for this program.

SME Banking
A pattern of bank financing to the sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This is a potential segment which has its own resilience during the economic crisis period. Specific approach and handling of this market segment is a must for optimum portfolio financing. The program covers in-depth introduction to the business environment and the asset conversion cycle. Credit analysis at different stages with specific types of business should be considered. Whether in trainings and or in consultancy programs as required, we could provide well the needs.

Micro Banking
A complete and comprehensive approach in developing specialized segment or unit of micro banking. From operational procedures to the lending and saving methods based on the best practices characteristics of the mass market, will provide qualified services for a bank who intend to build or develop its highly profit spread micro financing.

Consumer Banking
The program includes the wide array of services and products applied for the consumer banking, from the product development, branch channeling distribution up to handling effectively problem loan management. It could cover the training and consulting programs for mortgage lending, car loan, as well as the unsecured assets.

Corporate and Investment Banking
Our service includes strengthening the corporate banking components knowledge, procedures and practices. It’s also equipping the segment with required specialized investment banking services, such as loan syndications, merger and acquisition, project financing, etc.

Loan Syndication
Bank financing for different type of industries, especially for the big scale, requires specific knowledge and skill. It requires some specialization of advance credit, such as the loan syndication that involves more than one bank creditors. The program will give both materials and guidance on the best practices of the loan participation and syndication.

Agribusiness Credit
Bank financing for different type of industries, especially for the specific industry, requires specific knowledge and skill, too, for instance the agribusiness credit. The program will give training materials or advisories on credit analysis of agribusiness sector, included the detail of typical industry of: palm oil, rubber, cocoa, etc.

Credit Policy and Procedures
Policy is just like a guiding light and corridor on which operational activities may be decided and executed. We could fully support, based on real long experiences, to develop or improve a complete and comprehensive credit policy based on the normal credit process for any line of business or segment.

Basic Treasury
Designed for those who want to better understand the concept of Treasury and its role in managing bank or company’s liquidity, thus could maximize the income, minimizing costs and controlling and managing at a sound level. Varieties of products and their functions will be explored for the benefit of the bank’s or company’s liquidity position.

Operational Excellence
Strong operational procedures and practices is one key to ensure sound banking operational. Our service will provide guidance on operational management, from head office to branches level, ensuring all components are in place and run efficiently and effectively.

Bank Integrated Risk Management
We provide service from developing up to strengthening the risk management design and operational within a bank. This includes of full coverage of credit risk, market risk and operational risk management, as well introducing the Integrated Risk Management coverage, concept and monitoring.

Credit Risk Management
Credit risk is one of the most complex banking management. However, a sound portfolio of credit is a valuable asset for the bank to grow profitably. We provide applicable, measurable, and reliable credit risk management methodology and design that surely support the growth of the banking credit business. Whether in trainings and or in consultancy programs, we could fulfill completely the needs.

Market Risk Management
Our service includes of designing proper and dependable market risk management that will protect the bank interest of sound asset and liability management, equipped with a comprehensive monitoring model.

Risk Rating System
Providing effective methodology of measuring the risk of customer loan portfolio. This will give guidance for better account management. Along with the measurement in credit risk management, the rating system is a must have program of which we are your experienced partner to support.

Industry Rating System
The methodology is very powerful tools in determining the level of credit risk, since industry is one major component in calculating the risk. By having complete set of industries risk, the bank may have comprehensive mapping of its loan portfolio quality and how to anticipate the potential risk as well as the business focused.

Enterprise Risk Management
We could assist the non-financial industry companies who want to ensure its risk exposure safeties. By having enterprise point of view that covers the financial and operational risk potentials one company may from time to time monitor its healthiness and readiness against possible surprising events.

Economic and Banking Outlook
A comprehensive and accurate outlook in the whole economic sectors in global, domestic, and regional level, as well as the industry of banking in particular. The review is accompanied with sharp analysis and recommendations of what the client should do in facing the fast changing environment to survive and win the competition.

Strategic Business Development and Planning
Supporting the client in developing professionally its business development to fulfill the vision and mission along the rapid changing industry. A strategic winning plan will be suggested, supported with our long time experiences and extensive knowledge in the banking field.

Brand Communication
Brand, for banking and financial industry, is everything. To support the highly qualified reputation of the client, we are in the middle of the services: brand design, logo improvement, branch and head office design, and many others. This will be given only from the global class best practices.

Business Advisory
Vibiz Consulting provides top-of-the-range services in capital raising and project financing, as well as business advisory services encompassing mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial restructuring.
Fully capable of ensuring a smooth execution of the entire process from origination, underwriting, to distribution of both equity and debt securities, IPOs, debt issues, and loan syndication in the market to date.

Vibiz Consulting continues to provide effective support to companies seeking to raise their capital, leveraging on both our financial strength and our vast distribution network.
Our services cover the area of:

Financial Advisor
We could provide road map towards financial soundness of the company. We also often asked to act as financial advisor by public and non-public companies in relation to choosing the most suitable means of transactions that meets the clients’ profile and needs.

Economic and Industry Analysis
The service is to provide comprehensive review and outlook of the economy: local, regional and global; and particular industry as required by the clients. The analysis could give full support for the company in making its business strategy and budget.

Appraisal and Valuation
We also provide appraisal service on the company value as a whole. A customized design can be attached if the company plans to have building blocks in achieving its strategic milestone, such as: IPO, bond issuance, syndication arrangement, etc.

Financial Risk Analysis
In here, we focus in services of highlighting some risks potential in the financial area of the company, completed with the mitigations and design plan to reach the financial health status sustainably.

Buy Side and Sell Side Advisories
We work with both, buy-side and sell-side mandates (including M&A transactions), taking responsibility of the process of finding suitable targets and advising on the transaction for our client through its execution. Our services are not limited to companies in specific industries.

We provide to our clients full scale corporate finance services – starting with feasibility studies, document preparation, structuring deals, holding negotiations, carrying out due diligence and executing the deals. Company sell-side and buy-side advisory services normally involve the following steps, managed by vibiz:
1. Analysis. We start by identifying the market potential and those aspects of the company that make it successful. This is what buyers need to understand in order to offer the best price.
2. Selection of potential targets is made on the basis of the buyer’s or the seller’s strategy, and after analysis of their likely interest in the transaction.
3. Preparation of materials. The necessary information materials (including teasers, presentations, information memorandums, valuation calculations) are tailored to our client’s specific profile, highlighting the company’s present achievements and future possibilities.
4. Contacting potential investors. Each of the selected potential buyers from the Analysis is contacted individually by way of telephone or meeting to assess their level of potential interest in particular economic sector. Vibiz avoids mailings in favor of direct contact with decision makers at our targeted list of potential acquirers (buyers). We sometimes utilize our network of M&A advisory contacts in other markets to help us approach potentially interested parties in other markets.
5. Negotiations. Once a selected group of potential candidates is identified, Vibiz determines, together with the client, which candidates offer the best price and conditions with the requirements of our client company. We also advise on the transaction process and structure between the parties involved (including a Term Sheet, due diligence, Sales-Purchase Agreement, closing). Vibiz also helps a client coordinate due diligence, data room organization and could arrange the financing, if needed.
6. Closing of a transaction. After a Term Sheet and Sale-Purchase Agreement, prepared by professional legal advisors, are signed, Vibiz assists in completing the transaction successfully in a rapid and efficient manner. This is one reason why Vibiz has enjoyed repeat business from its clients.

We could help clients in building an online business and also supporting our clients with the Information technology approach in order to maximize their online system management.
Our services cover the area of:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO is the art of the Internet Marketing in the 21-st century, and Vibizconsulting is your best partner to master this new era of Internet Marketing. Using sophisticated technology and the newest technology, VBC can provide you with insights and ideas that can be implemented on your website, to bring your website and your business faster to the consumers. VBC can assure you that your website will be visited by a lot of potential customers after consulting with us. SEO can also be customized to suit any marketing targeting needs.

Social Networking
Vibizconsulting is also an expert in Social Networking, where most of your potential customer will be yours. As of now, social networking is one of the keys to successes of internet marketers and a lot of corporate is using this field efficiently. VBC can help you to use Social Networking not only to fulfill your social needs, but also to find relations, find customers, marketing research, and a lot of creative and imaginative things that absolutely will bring profit to your company.

Online Campaign
Vibizconsulting can provide you with an extensive, round-the-clock, round-the-week, all-out campaign in the Internet world. Using combined technologies and dedicated staffs, through this online campaign you could bring your products faster to the customers, and your company will be better known in the world. VBC will use multiple strategies and techniques in this online campaign, which can be adjusted to your budgets. The length period of the campaign would also vary, from 3 days to 6 months, which can be adjusted to your own budgets.

Market Research
Using sophisticated web spider technologies, VBC can peek your targeted customer base and provide you with insights and ideas that will help you to create a product or services that suits your customer bases needs. By this market research, your product will be firmly placed on the market, and you will reap huge profits. VBC can also provide you with the more-detailed needs of the research, like the customers age, customers hobbies, and a lot more things, that is important for your company.

Financial, Accounting & Tax Services
Vibiz Consulting provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. We will meet each client’s specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. Our professional services are include:
Our services cover the area of:

Accounting Services
Our Accounting Services provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to: general accounting and book keeping services, preparation of interim and annual financial statements, and financial statement analysis. Accurate record-keeping is essential to a successful business yet can also be complicated and time consuming. We can help you with the organization and day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping so that you can focus on your core business

Cashflow and Budgeting Analysis
Good cash management can improve a company’s liquidity, reduce costs, and increase profitability. We can help you maintain optimal cash flow levels by tracking sources and uses, forecasting, and budgeting accordingly.

Financial Projection and Forecasts
No one can predict the future perfectly, but we can all benefit from planning for it. We combines expertise and experience with a gained understanding of your business to produce financial projections that can help you manage your business plan and spending. Forecasting for the future is imperative to your company’s success. We make it a point to keep current with market trends and updates so that your business can be prepared for what is to come.

Business Valuation
The range of needs for valuing businesses continues to widen, and we can provide in-depth analysis to help you identify and analyze the factors that drive the value of your company or one in which you have an interest. There are so many factors that contribute to the perceived value of a business. Our expert help can help you evaluate entities that you have an interest in and guide you towards making business decisions that you feel confident with.

Individual Services
We also provide services for individual, not just only for corporate. Our services for individual are financial budgeting, financial forecasting and financial statements preparation & analysis.

Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting
Our services can be employed in a wide range of situations, including commercial litigation, financial investigations, business valuations, business and marital dissolutions, and bankruptcies. These services can involve quantification of economic loss or damages, analysis of financial records, and fraud and theft investigation

Training in Financial, Accounting and Tax
We provide public and in house training in finance. accounting and tax that aim to provide education to customers in running their business, so all executed according to the rules and run effectively.

Tax Consulting
Our services in Tax consulting include: advice regarding appropriate tax-effective structures for investing in Indonesia, corporate tax planning and reviews, advise on tax documentation and recordkeeping procedures, representation during tax audits, objections and appeals. And also we can provide tax structuring solutions that meet your total tax planning needs – not just the local objectives – and maximize the after-tax receipt to the shareholder. Our corporate and personal tax planning have strongest specializations in advising on business structuring and operations. Its main goal is to legitimately minimize the taxation on earnings and capital both for businesses and individuals.

Tax Compliance
Our Tax Compliance Services are include the preparation and filling of monthly and annual Tax Returns for corporate tax, withholding tax, employee income e tax and Value Added Tax. In addition we conduct review of client’s compliance to assess tax exposures.

Tax Individual Services
We also focused on tax planning and compliance for individuals. Our tax team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of individual tax and attends intensive updates each year to stay abreast of changes in tax regulation. Because we are always in the forefront, we are able to offer our clients the compliance and planning services designed to protect their assets while minimizing their tax burdens. Our tax services for individuals include: Preparation of tax returns, development of strategies to meet personal and family goals, assistance with annual tax projections and quarterly estimated tax payments, and planning for changes in tax law.

Human Capital Development
Success can be ascertained is the goal of every organization and company that can not be separated from the existence of its resources. And human resources are the most important things that will determine the success. Therefore, every company needs to pay attention to how it can empower human resources.

Vibiz Consulting is ready to support you in empowering human resources starts from how to choose the appropriate human resources to create a system of empowerment that will be very useful in making retention and develop them.

As a Human Capital Development (HCD) our advisors will share our valuable experience that will be very useful in analyzing the Human Capital Strategy, Human Capital Operations and Technology and Human Capital Talent, Performance & Reward that you have.
Our services cover the area of:

Human Capital Strategy
– Strategic change
– Revisit vision, mission and values
– Establish Strategic People Management (SPM)
– Align internal communication to restructuring effort
– Mergers & acquisitions
– Balance Scorecard
– Restructure organization and operating model
Human Capital Operation and Technology
– Policy and Procedure development
– HC Service delivery model
– Create an integrated HRIS
Human Capital Talent, Performance & Reward
– Workforce & talent planning/ strategy and analytics
– Employee engagement and retention
– Conduct resource mapping and recruitment
– Develop and cascade KPIs, Set up performance management cycle
– Review and adjust remuneration & reward system
– Review competency model and conduct competency profiling/ mapping tools
– Talent assessment and development
– Develop career path and succession plan
– Coaching and counseling

Information Technology
We could help clients in building an online business and also supporting our clients with the Information technology approach in order to maximize their online system management.
Our services cover the area of:

ERP Development
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a concept of systems and sub-systems that integrate internal and external management information, from the entire organization. The main function of ERP is to facilitate easier flow of information throughout the organization, and to help to increase the productivity and the efficiency of the business flow of the organization. ERP integrates all systems in the organization with common database, that will function at real time, or at near real time. ERP systems, can help any organization to achieve best practices, and highest efficiency. ERP systems consists of a lot of modules, such as :
finance/accounting (ledger, accounting, PPh 21, asset consolidation)
human resources (payroll, training)
manufacturing (engineering, quality control, workflow management, manufacturing flow, manufacturing process, maximum output modeling, marginal costing modeling)
supply chain management (inventory management, warehousing, shipment model, transshipment model)
customer relationship management (sales tools, service tools, call center support)
data services

Vibizconsulting has extensive experience in implementing ERP Systems in organizations and companies. Vibizconsulting has covered ERP systems in major financial institutions, educational institution, hotels, media, entertainment industry, and lately in aviation industry.

SAP Enterprise
SAP is a high performance analytical software which can assist organization to run growing rapidly. SAP will provide you and your organization the deepest insight how should your organization run, and also gives you solutions that suites your needs, with minimal efforts and minimal costs. SAP can assist you to achieve broader organization objectives, with much clearer reports and easier management. SAP will provide you with innovative and creative solutions that can be implemented in your organization, with your own pace, and with no disruption.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Business Intelligence is a definition of systems and sub-systems that helps the organization to achieve their goals. Business intelligence uses computer-based system, or artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, extract, calculate, analyze, and summarize business data. There are very wide ranges of business data that can be processed by BI, from sales revenue to production analysis. Business Intelligence is used as a decision support system, or DSS. Business Intelligence can be used to forecast data, to identify inefficiency, to define trends, and a lot of other benefits. Business Intelligence will help your organization to better understand the meaning of the data, and to help your organization gains much more insight to the future of your organization.

Data Warehouse
Data warehousing and safekeeping is very important in organization. Data warehousing consists of concepts of data storing and data mining. Data storing not only consists of storing the data in a safe and secure physical place, but also to keep the data sliced to ease the access, to reduce redundancy, and increase the ease of the access of the data. Data warehousing also consists of processing the data, from raw data, which is slow and sluggish, and change it to a better-formed managed data. With the better-formed data, organizations can benefit from easier access to data, and faster response to data queries. Data warehousing also includes the concept of “smart querying”, which is a system to query your database better, with the minimum of resource, but the maximum of results. VBC can provide you with the best data warehousing and data storage services that will help your organization. VBC use the best technology system to maintain connectivity, coherency, confidentiality of your database, so your business process could go faster than ever.

Network and Security Management
Security is an important thing in business. With data-theft and illegal electronic business intelligence gathering become rampant, security of data and systems must be a priority in any organizations. Security is provided in multiple layer. The first layer is the perimeter security, which consists of firewalls and other things to protect your systems against the external threats. The second layer will be the defense against internal attack and threats, which is deployed facing inwards. The final layer, but the most important layer, is the policy layer. The policy layer defines how an organization reacts to an attack. Vibizconsulting can provide you with the services in the 3 layers, from the perimeter security, to the policy security. Vibizconsulting has the best technologies in the field of security, from simple firewalls to advanced strike-back tools. But not only that, Vibizconsulting will also help you in other layers that matters, such as internal security and policy for security.

Professional Outsourcing
Vibizconsulting would provide you the best outsourcing employee in order to meet your budget needs. Vibizconsulting has hundreds of professional programmers, designers, coders, internet marketers, telemarketers, project managers, and a lot of other jobs that could be outsourced to your organization, in line to meet your budget needs. VBC has years of experience in the field of outsourcing, and will only give professional and trusted people to be outsourced to your organization.

Server Maintenance
Vibizconsulting could also provide you with management of your server and your racks. VBC has years of experiences in dealing with servers, and also an expert in dealing in server related problems. By using real-time technologies we can provide you insight on the working of your server, work items of your applications, and the general health and usage of your servers. VBC could provide you with round-the-clock monitoring service and also round-the-clock backup or restore actions should some needs arise. VBC would provide you with advices and steps that will further increase the efficiency of your servers, reduce your operating costs, and prolong the life of your servers.

Infrastructure and Regional Development
Industrial and urban growth in Indonesia has led to unprecedented investment plans in infrastructure. This is creating opportunities for infrastructure operators, engineering and construction companies, private materials, and financial firms.
We provide services in every phase of infrastructure development, from planning, development, bidding, design & construction, operations, divesting.
Our services cover the area of:

Your focus is placed on the important things. You want to ensure your resources (time, talent, and money) are properly allocated to assets or projects within your portfolio that will generate the best value-for-money in this changing market and business environment. The strategic planning process works best when it focuses on the elements of the future about which there is the greatest uncertainty.
By focusing your planning on such areas of uncertainty, you gain a more plausible set of potential alternative futures. With this insight, you are better prepared to make business decisions to meet your present and future challenges and opportunities.

In the development phase, project planning is the tool used to drive value and preserve capital through a capital project’s procurement, design and construction stages.
By developing a clear understanding of the risks, which could impact your organization, you are better able to manage and mitigate these risks now and in the future. In turn, the benefits accrued by avoiding unnecessary cost and schedule impacts can be returned to your organization, your stakeholders, and your projects.

Comprehensive bidding strategy development and planning accomplished early in the project life cycle helps establish greater project discipline by demanding systematic documentation of business needs, schedules, and costs while providing sufficient lead time and resources in the selection of appropriate bidding types and development of innovative contracting methods.

By establishing an open, well-defined process you will benefit from speedier negotiations and contract execution as well as reduced miscommunication and disputes during the evaluation and execution.

Design and Construction
During the design and construction phase of a project, the science and art of project management provides a proven methodology for accurately and efficiently completing complex projects.

Due diligence and analysis can play a critical role in validating and adjusting the original assumptions of scope, risk, cost and approach in the business case. As a result, you will be better prepared to budget for and allocate resources where they are needed.
During the operating life of the asset, through every business cycle’s highs and lows, management is responsible for containing risks, ensuring optimal performance and delivering ROI. Given these considerations, there should be a strategic focus on managing assets from their inception, rather than trying to “catch up” later when costly missteps may be uncorrectable.

Divesting assets requires capital markets guidance and fair value guidance to help you realize optimal return on assets for greater reinvestment potential
Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management

At the core of all great organizations lies the underlying facts that it is people who actually driving organization’s purpose and its success. The people – both for leader and follower – works together constructively, through good and bad condition, difficulty, competition, combines with comprehensive pressures and the constant need to adapt and change. Inevitably, the demands of strong leadership at every level of organization, and its followership alignment are essential to achieve its strategic implementation, effectiveness and sustainable success. We provide clients rich exposure to a spectrum of leadership and followership framework at every level of organizations, and facilitate experience and proven consulting services concerning their approach to building leadership development and creating bench strength for organisational success.

Beside leadership, it is always a question embark by each organization: how to keep the competitive advantage and stays at the peak performance while in the world there is nothing stays the same for more than a moment? A question that has to be answered and understood by every level of organization in relation with its strategic decision, both for corporate and functional classification. Herewith we provide worth experience in doing cooperation with companies hand in hand to handle circumstances through all conditions and shaping its new corporate culture. We believe it will give help to the clients in preparing, creating and implementing strategic, cultivating essential behavior and shared system to ensure company achievement in the future as well as for near period objectives.
And to expand the company, having entrepreneurial spirit is a must. Therefore we also provide trainings to open wide the entrepreneurial spirit within the company.
Our services cover the area of:

Leadership & Followership Series Training
Through research that we have conducted from many organization, it was found that there are 3 things that impacting followership and leadership, which are character, habit and capability. In all of those 3 attributes, we have sharpened character, habit and capability which required to be owned by leader or follower. Selective from many aspects, we have summarize and choose 8 important aspects from each attributes required by someone, as leader or follower. Leadership and followership is like a 2 side of a coin, cannot be separated, one strengthens the other, giving meaning to other. Follower one day will be a leader and a leader himself, in many aspects will not be a good leader if he is not is a good follower. You will find the answer on these serial trainings:
• 8 Leadership Character Training
• 8 Leadership Habit Training
• 8 Leadership Capabilities Training
• 8 Followership Character Training
• 8 Followership Habit Training
• 8 Followership Capabilities Training
Other Services
• Customized Leadership eg: Leadership for Sales Supervisor, Leadership for Telemarketing Supervisor etc
• Leadership Academy: Basic Leadership, Intermediate Leadership & Advanced Leadership
• Building Sustainable Bench Strength Program and Training
• Developing Corporate Characters & Attitudes Identity
• Team Building

At this modern era everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Having entrepreneurial spirit is a good start. But what about the tips to become a successful entrepreneur? Even in this modern time, entrepreneurship is developed in many companies and it’s named intrapreneurship. We provide training and guidance both for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as well as consulting services for the steps to start a business.
• Intrapreneurship Training
• Entrepreneurship Training
• Small Business Consulting

Strategic Management
Our consultancy cover the strategies for companies to decide the organization’s mission, vision and goals, regulations and planning of development, that are set up to reach the main goal, and then allocated the manpower to do all the regulations, plans, projects and programs, done by the managerial level .
In the field of applied management this strategy will cover how to build organization’s design, changing and developing the organization’s strategy in line with the changing environment: external and internal, to achieve better result in the future.
We will help you set up your
– Strategy Development
– Strategy Implementation
Tools and Techniques of the Design Viewpoint which are used in implementing the strategies:
• The Goals of organization
• Analysis of Situation and Industry
• Change Management Program
• Change Management Leadership Challenge Program
• Vision, Mission, Values Project Development
• Corporate Culture Project Development
• Strategic Brand Management
• Building Business Acumen

Marketing & Soft Skill Development
As the demand for quality human capital development in the company tighter, nowadays hard skills are not the only aspect to be considered by companies in their hiring and promoting employees.

Various studies have shown significant evidence of the importance of soft skills in supporting the performance, so the candidates must meet both the requirements of hard skills and soft skills in equally manner. Once recruited and placed, the employee overall performance will be evaluated for the purpose of assignment, promotion, salary increase, bonuses, etc. based on their target achievement and ability of their soft skills.
Therefore, in addition to mastering the technical stuff, the ability to communicate with other people, selling ideas, managing time, solving problems, making decisions effectively and creating a conducive working environment are important as well as the technical skills.
Realizing this importance, we are here to assist individuals or companies in improving their soft skills ability, by equipping each individual personnel with the important things which are non-technical.

Our services cover the area of:

Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing skills are definitely required both by the employee who served as a sales or marketing personnel as well as any work-related employee of the sales and marketing. Why? Because marketing is the backbone of a company. Facts that Successful companies are companies which perform good marketing, and further fact: nearly all the leaders of successful companies have a background as a sales person.
We would like to share that successful experience to you, both individual or teams with the right paradigm of sales, effective selling steps, and how to build a sales culture that is compulsory required by companies who want to be exceptionally distinguished in the fierce competition.

Service & CRM
One of the company’s strength in attracting and retaining customers is having an unforgettable pleasant service that experienced by the customer. The more special and extra ordinary service provided the more opportunities to become loyal customers.
Based on the rich experience of building a service culture in several large companies that we have, we want to share the successful experiences with you in terms of:
– Increase awareness of how important service excellence in contributing company success especially in the area of corporate image.
– To measure the effectiveness of services that have been conducted, including customer satisfaction surveys
– Building a service excellence culture in the company to support the company ahead of the competition

People Effectiveness
Soft skills are one of the important factors contributing to the success of an organization, in building the individual to have required competence and skill. For sure company can be more successful and sustain if they have trained staffs having these skills.
We want to help those who need skills such communication skills, conflict resolution and negotiation, increasing personal effectiveness, creative problem solving and decision making, team building, influencing skills and selling skills of others.

To combine the method of indoor and outdoor activities that are packed by the principle: adult learning and experiential learning (having their own process of learning that involves auditory, visual, and kinesthetic through games).
Through outdoor activities and simulations, participants will also be able to develop your own potential, both individually (personal development), as well as in teamwork (team development) through interaction one with another.

Our outbound programs are ready to provide you with a variety of good programs that are just fun, and rich variety themes such as: leadership, teamwork, uniting a variety of differences, and various other themes. We provide a subset choice of natural location to suit your needs and also english spoken facilitator.

Brand Management Consultancy
1. Planning:
Set up brand plan: vision, mission, objectives, key-issues, strategies, tactics, scheduling and budgeting.
2. Positioning:
Marketing communication activities which include: logo, creative idea, social media, media mix, influencer and earned media.
3. Value Proposition:
Target segments, consumer research, brand funnel, tracking results, brand review and insights.
4. Product Roadmap:
R& D activities such as new products, development research, claims, formats, blue ocean and portfolio management.
5. Cultural Beacons:
All about people: cultural values, talent management, inspiration and motivation.
6. Business Results:
Profitability forecasting: Sales, Cost, and Return on Investment
7. Go to market
Sales activities which include: distribution, selling messages, in-store experiences, promotion, pricing and key accounts.

We have integrated property development model, from land acquisition and/ or sourcing, to design and development, to project management, sales, commercial leasing and marketing, to the operation and management of superblock developments, shopping malls, offices, hotels, and residential apartments and houses.

Our services cover the area of:

Property Business Academy
Property Business Academy is an education institution dedicated for property business sector. It is designed to expand the knowledge and skill of any property interested individuals, investors as well as the industry players to develop them to be both the property professional and expert.

Vibiz Exclusive Property Services (VEPS)
A unit of Vibiz Group Consulting in proprty consulting and marketing services which has an orientation to a luxurious and exclusive property. We recommend property with premium quality as well as being an investment that can provide high yield.
VEPS is trusted for breath and depth of its knowledge of property market. Apart from providing brokerage services, we offers consultancy serfices.

Simpro Property Agent
We are an independent property agent with a partnership culture that puts our client first. We provide market leading advice and transaction support for investors, corporates and home owners for their personal and business property needs.

Stocks, Bonds, Currencies and Commodities.
Stocks, Bonds, Currencies & Commodities are variety of investment alternatives. All of them requires some financial & business knowledge and skill due to its complexities, varieties, and advance analysis.

Our services cover the area of:

We give consultation in currencies to fullfil the needs of investors and businessmen who depends on the Price Movement of Foreign Exchange. The competencies, skill and real experience in profit trading from our expertise will give comprehensive and complete trading methods which can minimize the risk meanwhile give possibility to get high profit. Such as International Trading, Trading Advisory, Robot Engineering and Simple Treasury System

We give complete consultation and education in Stocks for Indonesian Investors and all the stakeholders of Indonesia Stock Exchange, as a complete vehicle that promote competencies, skill, and experience which is profit oriented. Such as Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Capital & Risk Management. Our consultation also serve for the stock investors, trading advisors, securities consultation, engineering formula, and every other corporate action.

The service will cover review on the market of commodities and investment latest conditions up to the decision recommendation in order to maximize the return of the trading on investment in futures commodity exchange. Also give the recommendation for investment in physical commodities, also giving training for trading and investment in the futures commodities trading. The recommendation is good for the investor also the trader of the commodity exchange, and the physical commodity trading.

We give complete consultation and education in Bonds for Indonesian Investors and all the stakeholders of Indonesia Stock Exchange, as a complete vehicle that promote competencies, skill, and experience which is profit oriented. Such as Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Capital & Risk Management. Our consultation also serve for the investors, advisory, bonds consultation, engineering formula, and every other corporate action if needed.

Wealth Planning
Wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth while building it, preserving it, and in order to transfer it to the next generation tax-optimised. Wealth planning is a mix of tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning and relates to your total worldwide wealth. All of them requires some financial & business knowledge and skill due to its complexities, varieties, and advance analysis.
Our services cover the area of:

Investment Portfolio Management
Investment Portfolio Management provide services for Smart Financial Planning, Wealth Management and Investment Portfolio Management in consultancy and training related area.

Smart Financial Planning
We provide road map towards financial soundness of individual as well as private company. At the individual level, we conduct training and give consultancy to guide financial planning for the employees, professionals, house-wives, retired people individually and also as a family to achieve their financial goals within certain period of time and given resources. We combine the banking and insurance products such as saving account, certified deposits, unit links, credit cards, and other investments which could bring financial freedom, safety and peace of mind for the future. We could as well support any company which requires such needs.

Wealth Management
Wealth Management is an advanced financial planning which is designed especially for those entitled as the High Net Worth Individuals or Families, through a complete and comprehensive financial design that could protect, accumulate and distribute their wealth portfolio. We have a wealth management program with an international standard. Our services consist of conduct training and give consultancy for a typical financial company who engages in such business, and also for selected individuals who want to inquire valuable advices for their wealth interests. Its provide services such as:

Investment Accumulation
The service will cover review on the market and investment latest conditions up to the decision recommendation in order to maximize the return of the combined asset allocation. The topics will includes of the preview on several dominant markets, such as: stocks, forex, property, stock index, commodity, futures, options, etc; also completed with relevant qualified and proven trainings.

Risk Profile Analysis
As risk profile is one determined key in manage wealth, we could support clients who want to sharpen or improve their profile analysis. The result is a safer and sustainable investment strategies and decision.

Retirement Planning
We provide consultancy service for the employee’s retirement planning long enough before the pension time comes into being.

Investment Portfolio Management
To achieve the highest return in investment we have to go beyond the conventional financial products in banking and insurance and understanding the modern financial instruments such as equities, mutual funds, bonds, foreign currencies, commodities, other futures and derivatives products, included the collection exposure. These kind of investments may give spectacular gains but with high risks inherently. Investment Portfolio Management is the method and strategy for yield optimization in the mixed of investment instruments in any stage of economy cycles and conditions. Out from long standing experiences, we could provide training and continuous consultancy programs for your optimum return on investment portfolio.

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